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60                                        FLORA  INBICA.
Flora. This is not the place to dwell on the extraordinary
exertions in the cause of science of the author of these great
works. They are themselves the best proof of his wonderful
energy, and show what can be accomplished by perseverance
under apparently insurmountable obstacles. At the period
of the publication of the earlier numbers the art i,f litho-
graphy was in a very rude state in India, and the plates are
consequently very imperfect; but in the later volumes the
improvement is great, and the outline drawings arc admira-
bly reproduced. The volumes form the most important con-
tributions, not only to botany, but to natural science, which
have ever been published in India, and they have been of the
greatest service to us throughout our labours.
Besides these great works, Dr. Wight has published many
minor papers in the various periodicals of the day, particu-
larly in the * Madras Journal of Science/ and iu M'Cicllaud'&
' Calcutta Journal of Natural History/
Mr. Bentham's eminent services to Indian botany demand
especial .notice here; and while recording our BCIIHO of the
value of his labours and our admiration of his writings, we
would most strongly recommend to the student of Indian bo*
tany-the careful stxidy of his works, as those of the moat in-
dustrious, able, useful, and philosophical systematic botanist of
the age, who, for correct appreciation of the value and limits
of genera especially, is not surpassed by any systematic. His
connection with Indian botany commenced by his taking a
large share of the labour of distributing the Wollicluan col-
lection in 1829, in conjunction with Dr. Wallich, and ho again
volunteered Ida services to assist that eminent botanist iu tho
second distribution, that of 1849; he has also been actively
engaged in the arrangement and naming of the cxteu«ive
collections sent by Major Jenkins to Sir William Hooker,
by Mr, Griffith to Dr. Lemann and <Sir William Hooker,
as well as by Dr. Stocks and Mr. Edgcworth to his own her-
barium. Of life published works, the monographs of Scrv*
phularin&t and Labiate are of standard excellence, and have